Periods. PERIOD.

Now this is the story all about how, a few period products flipped, turned our worlds upside down...

Angela: “Thinx underwear and the Diva Cup have totally changed the way I get my period. It’s like I don’t even have it.  I don’t even change my Diva Cup all day!!  It’s freedom.”


Lauren: “I know. I totally agree. It’s amazing.  Um... I think this topic NEEDS to be our first blog post.”


Ready. Set. PERIODS.


I’m Lauren, 28 years old, and this is Angela, 34. We live together in Brooklyn, NY.


We’ve been roommates, colleagues and best friends for only about 3 years now, although our friendship is deep rooted and has a familiarity that makes us relate more as sisters than friends (Ang says it feels like lifetimes).


Over the last few years, we’ve done some deep healing together, which has included a lot of soul searching and developing into strong women. There have been crazy highs and lows, that provided us with incredible stories to share, some almost surreal.  You’ll find out about our house catching fire later...


During this period of growth, we embraced many things that once felt uncomfortable, icky, shameful - some things that we were suppressing for much of our lives.


Something that we’ve begun to celebrate is our PERIOD. Yup. That thing that happens to ALL WOMEN, EVERY WHERE, EVERY MONTH, but for some reason, still has that taboo feeling associated with it. Shhhh…. Don’t mention your menstrual cycle...someone might hear you!!  You know that feeling? Yeah.


Many girls (and women) want to get rid of this monthly happening from ever gracing their underpants again. We get it - it’s messy and sometimes inconvenient. Well, mostly inconvenient. But, TO BE HONEST—we don’t feel that way anymore. WHY??? Because another awesome woman said, why the heck aren’t there better, more modern products made for women with periods?  Alas, Thinx was born, underwear made just for your period, you free bleed right in them, they’re amazing!   Same deal with the Diva Cup, an environmentally friendly and chemical free alternative to pads and tampons. Up until recently, men have been creating our menstrual products. Ahem, this makes no sense. Now, I haven’t ruined a pair of underwear in months!!


For a long time, women haven’t had open and honest conversations about our periods - the most natural and IMPORTANT part of life. Because maybe not everyone gets this, but your menstrual cycle = life. That’s sacred and beautiful, something that doesn’t have to be painfully hidden every month, where we whisper in public bathroom stalls, in school or at work to another girl, “Um, this is so gross, but do you have a tampon?”


LADIES: Periods are not gross.


It’s actually a phenomenal occurrence that is influenced by the moon and directly links women to nature and cycles. Pretty cool stuff right there.


There are so many tips and tricks to making your period easier on the body and mind. Essential oils such as Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Peppermint and Patchouli are something we recently found that have been incredibly powerful in decreasing PMS symptoms like cramping. You can also find delicious hormone balancing teas that lift your mood.  We had to wait years to figure these things out?!?!  Why?  Because women DON’T TALK ABOUT PERIODS.  (check the bottom of our page for more period, “tips”).


We both work in schools and many of the girls we see everyday feel scared, embarrassed, confused or are simply uninformed about what’s really happening with their own bodies. Sound familiar?  How many of you have ever gone to the bathroom, only to realize that your period came out of nowhere and you need a pad or a tampon - immediately - this happens to everyone!  Girls will come to our office with the look of terror in their eyes to ask for a pad, quickly wrapping it up in a paper towel or stuffing it in their pocket before anyone sees them.  Ladies - this is something that should be honored, not something that makes you feel ashamed!  


Did you know there were ancient tribes that would celebrate women who were menstruating?  The sacred menstrual blood was used in ceremonies and these women were sought after for their advisement when important decisions had to be made.  They were thought to be more connected and in-tune with nature and the natural flow of life during their menstrual cycle.  This time of month is also a beautiful time of release - like a snake shedding their skin.  If there’s something you want to let go of that may not feel so good for you anymore in your life, you can set the intention to let thing, person or negative thought go.  


Even though my mom tried to prepare me, (back in the 90’s, yikes), about the day I would get my period, I still thought I was dying when I looked in the toilet and saw red, instead of yellow.  Seriously, dying.  I’ll never forget that 4th of July.  I thought in that moment, “OMG, did I get hit by a firework and not realize?!”  The possibility of internal bleeding was the first thing that crossed my mind.  Then I realized, could this be my period?  Oh mannnnn, do I have to tell my mom?!  The embarrassment hit, flooding me with thoughts that now I had something to hide. It was the first time that I felt shame around being a girl and my own body. I was also the first one in my grade to get my period, so I didn’t feel like I could talk about it with anyone, especially because some boys would make jokes about periods saying, “GROSS!” or “That’s disgusting!”


Where do some boys get these feelings and ideas as early as 10 or 11 years old that girls are gross or even disgusting when they have their period?  Even though most boys have likely lived with a menstruating woman their whole lives, it is still an uncomfortable and not familiar or accepted monthly occurrence or topic of discussion.  On the contrary, it’s met with awkwardness and disgust. The knee jerk reaction is to make fun of and put girls down, making them feel bad about well, just being a girl!  (and to be clear, we’re definitely not characterizing all boys/men - we give major props to our men that support and uplift women, not just during their menstrual cycle, but always).


We need to talk about periods more - as friends, sisters, mothers, daughters, women and girls. Our natural response needs to start shifting back to a celebratory, “SO WHAT! Yeah, I get a period, get over it.”  It’s natural and awesome and means that I have the ability to create life at some point, if I want to!


So let’s just chill about the whole period thing, OK? No need to be ashamed, your body is incredible and so are you.  


Check out some of our period hacks which have made that time of month, a whole lot more comfortable!


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