How Increasing Your VAGAL TONE Will CHANGE Your LIFE


Ok, so this took me WAY TOO LONG to fully get… I have higher hopes for you guys, tbh. Lol. Our breath is the most POWERFUL thing we have to change our bodies and minds. Straight up. The science behind it is astounding-- and if you’re willing to be open and put a little bit of effort in, the personal experience is even more incredible.


Angela and I have created videos for you, to specifically teach you how to manipulate the breath to use when/ if you are 1. ANXIOUS 2. ANGRY 3. DOUBTING 4. TIRED 5. SCARED 6. SCATTERED/RESTLESS. These will be available through our online Program but will release a few independently for you to get a taste :)


Awesome, right? We are SO excited to share this with you. As it’s changed BOTH of our lives in a BIG way and we’ve also seen thousands of other people, (of ALL ages) benefit from similar techniques. Yeah, the struggle is real, but it really doesn’t have to be such a struggle. We should ALL know how to use these freaking amazing tools.


So basically, we have a nerve near the back of the upper throat. It’s called the Vagus Nerve. If you take a breath, pulling in and pushing out the air, from the back of the throat, making a verrrrry light snoring sound-- this is Oujaii Breath. (We recommend getting more one-on-one assistance before using this breath). This is an age old Yogic Breathing Technique. When doing Oujaii, you are stimulating the Vagus Nerve, and strengthening it. It’s called, increasing Vegal Tone.. Think pumping iron at the gym, but for your nervous system.


“The vagus nerve starts in the brainstem, just behind the ears. It travels down each side of the neck, across the chest and down through the abdomen. ‘Vagus’ is Latin for ‘wandering’ and indeed this bundle of nerve fibers roves through the body, networking the brain with the stomach and digestive tract, the lungs, heart, spleen, intestines, liver and kidneys, not to mention a range of other nerves that are involved in speech, eye contact, facial expressions and even your ability to tune in to other people’s voices.


Operating far below the level of our conscious minds, the vagus nerve is vital for keeping our bodies healthy. It is an essential part of the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for calming organs after the stressed ‘fight-or-flight’ adrenaline response to danger. Not all vagus nerves are the same, however: some people have stronger vagus activity, which means their bodies can relax faster after a stress.”


Read more of this really good article that does a great job of explaining more about the Vagus Nerve and how freaking rad it is:


Increased Vagal tone is linked to something called the ‘upward spiral’ -- this means you have increased positive emotionality, pro-social behavior and sympathy. More simply- you start to feel better about yourself which increases your self-esteem. Now that your self-esteem is up, you feel better about connecting with other people aka pro-social behavior. And now that you’re more social and reaching out more, you’re feeling more connected and tuned into others feelings aka sympathy/ empathy.


OK. So this is huge. It’s like the Holy Grail of the body/mind connection and how to harness its power to feel good.



We both practice this EVERY DAY. And I can tell you with complete confidence, this tool has totally changed my life and it can change YOURS too. I have overcome so many non-beneficial thoughts and feelings using this and we want you to experience the same relief.


Through the last 5 years, assisting on Mindfulness Research Studies, I’ve seen drastic life transformations (anxiety, depression and ADHD all seriously DECREASE) after utilizing these simple breathing tools. They’re so simple, it’s easy not to practice them regularly. You forget you’re breathing all day long so it’s easy to forget to use the breath intentionally. But the GROW program is designed to hold you accountable, offer support and build your practice at a pace that is easily integrated into your life. Don’t postpone living the life you want to live everyday. Your outer circumstances depend on your inner state. Message us for more details. Lots of love <3