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Angela Hanna
Co-Founder, Instructor

Lauren Grieco
Co-Founder, Instructor

Yolanda Kuhn




Angela has seven years of counseling experience working in schools with students ranging from grades 6-12.  She started her career at Germantown High School in Philadelphia, PA and most recently worked at Unity Preparatory Charter School in Brooklyn, NY.  During her time at both institutions, Angela launched multiple youth empowerment programs, including Girls on the Move, a leadership program that uses creative and performing arts to inspire young women to be agents of change within their communities and YES! for Schools (Youth Empowerment Seminar), a program that is improving the culture of schools around the world by equipping students and educators with relaxation and breathing techniques to eliminate stress and manage negative emotions - developing character strengths such as resilience and mindfulness.  She is also familiar with the practice of restorative justice models within schools, including establishing peer mediation and conflict resolution programs.  Angela has much experience and training answering calls for the National Suicide Hotline and the Philadelphia Crisis Call Center.  A student-athlete herself, Angela coached six years of collegiate field hockey at both Haverford College and the University of Pennsylvania, working to develop the student athlete both on and off the field of play.  She earned a BA in Psychology with a concentration in Education from St. Joseph’s University, and an MA in Secondary School Counseling from Rosemont College.


Lauren Grieco is a YES! (Youth Empowerment Seminar) social emotional learning instructor and was a former Early Intervention Support Therapist. She worked in the field of Special Education and Early Intervention for five years. Lauren holds a B.S. in Psychology from Saint Joseph’s University, graduated magna cum laude, and was presented the Psychology Award for her graduating class. She is also a certified Domestic Violence Abuse Counselor and currently works with young girls, teaching them about healthy relationships, stress management and emotion regulation. Lauren took an extensive nine-month Leadership Training workshop in NYC called Advanced Education, where she learned through experiential modules how to excel specifically in the areas of relationship, career, health & fitness, abundant living, education, finances, small business development, team building and professional goals. She also mentored a group of college students during an Art of Living advanced meditation and service trip to India in Dec 2013-January 2013. While Lauren is a full-time YES! teacher, implementing many techniques daily in her school, she is also personally involved in yoga and meditation and works to bring the awareness of these benefits to uplift and empower those struggling with life’s daily stressors. Most recently she has taken on the role of Impact Coordinator at Yes! for Schools, helping to measure the impact of social emotional learning and yoga/breath-work in the classroom.


Yolanda has a fair degree of personal insight into issues affecting young girls, as she personally struggled with an eating disorder in her teens, eventually overcoming it and establishing a healthy relationship with herself and body. Since recovery, she has been actively involved in helping other young girls overcome their body image issues. Yolanda has completed a number of different training programs focusing on body image, including the Butterfly Foundation’s Professional workshops and the Reach Foundations Girls Empowerment Program, where she was a mentor for six years, working with young people aged 13-16. She also mentored girls and women with eating disorders for five years at the Oak House Foundation, which has one of the highest rates of rehabilitation in the world. Sexualization of young girls is another target issue that Yolanda has studied both at University and as part of mentorship at the Reach Foundation. She has explored how various media, including music lyrics, video clips, television, and film actively shape young minds and ways we can help young people become discerning with the media they are exposed to so prolifically. An Art of Living and YES! for Schools teacher, Yolanda recently piloted the YES! program in Australia where she worked with many young women, ages 13-17, supporting them through depression, anxiety and eating disorders through stress reduction coaching. Yolanda is committed to her work supporting women and girls on a healing journey.